Zoo Scavenger Hunt for Kids (great for Field Trips, Homeschool, & Zoo Members)

Headed to the zoo? Tuck this zoo scavenger hunt in your backpack. Kids will love this seek and find game featuring lions, hippos, zebras, and more!

Whether you are headed to the zoo for a field trip, as a homeschool group, or as a regular member – you’ll love this engaging activity. Kids will enjoy completing a zoo scavenger hunt as they explore the exhibits!

Zoo Scavenger Hunt with Giraffe in Background

How to Play a Zoo Scavenger Hunt

So, how do you play a Zoo Scavenger Hunt? Well, be creative! There are so many ways to play, that I’ll just share a few of my favorite scavenger hunt ideas:

  • Educational Scavenger Hunt – A Zoo Scavenger Hunt is great for field trips and homeschool groups. Challenge students to find all of the zoo items on the card.
  • Zoo Party Game – Having a birthday party at the zoo? A scavenger hunt is the perfect zoo party game!
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt – Great for adults and teens, send them around the park to capture photos of each item with their smartphones. Allot extra points when a person is in the photo, too, or require entire groups be in the photo with each item listed on the scavenger hunt.
Zoo Scavenger Hunt with Magnifying Glass

Did you know? All of our Scavenger Hunt Games include the picture and the word so that any kid can play, even if they haven’t learned to read.

What items should be included in a Zoo Scavenger Hunt?

Here are some items to find on a Zoo Scavenger Hunt:

  • zebra
  • hippo
  • giraffe
  • lion
  • elephant
  • bear
  • monkey
  • flamingo
  • seal
  • gorilla
Child playing a Zoo Scavenger Hunt game at the Zoo

Scavenger Hunts for a Trip to the Zoo

There are two ways to buy our Zoo Scavenger Hunt game. It is available on Amazon and Etsy, in both digital and physical formats.

  • Dry-Erase Zoo Scavenger Hunt – Wipeable for repeated use, mark off zoo-themed items as they are found. Zoo Scavenger Hunts are great for field trips or a zoo birthday party.
  • Printable Zoo Scavenger Hunt – This print-it-yourself Zoo Scavenger Hunt is an engaging activity for kids and families.
Children playing a Zoo Scavenger Hunt game at the Zoo

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Zoo Scavenger Hunt with Tiger in Background

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