Play a Scavenger Hunt while Riding Disney’s Skyliner

Embark on a magical journey, by playing this Scavenger Hunt while riding Disney’s Skyliner! Explore the happiest place on earth from above as you search for Disney characters and resort landmarks. Get ready for an enchanting adventure high above land!

What’s the best ride at Walt Disney World? The Skyliner. Plus, it doesn’t even require a park ticket (after all, there is plenty to do around Disney without theme park tickets). As fans of Pop Century, we’ve come to love the Skyliner as mode of transportation; but – also – simply as an enjoyable ride. This Skyliner-themed scavenger hunt will give your family even more reason to climb aboard a colorful gondola.

With four different scavenger hunts included in the set, your family can complete a different hunt each trip on the Skyliner. Find Disney characters among the gondolas, or survey the resorts below for landmarks. Plus, there is no need to pack anything – play this scavenger hunt right on your phone!

4 cell phones with disney skyliner scavenger hunts | text: scavenger hunts for disney's skyliner

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Riding the Skyliner

As I mentioned, the Skyliner is our favorite “ride” at Disney and an efficient transportation option to boot! Both practical and enchanting, it connects 2 theme parks and 4 resorts (7 resorts, if you include the Crescent Lake resorts). The Skyliner treats passengers to breathtaking views, making it a delightful and relaxing mode of travel.

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In addition to traveling to the theme parks (Hollywood Studios and Epcot), we also board the Skyliner for food and dining options, such as:

disney skyliner scavenger hunt free download for cell phones

As much as we love scavenger hunts in our family, it’s no surprise we dreamed up several hunts for Skyliner rides. After all, we already play a scavenger hunt on road trips, have a trip tracker, and compete with scavenger hunt games at vacation destinations (such as the zoo, beach, and big cities).


So, how can you play a Skyliner scavenger hunt? Be creative! There are so many ways to play, that I’ll just share a few of my favorite scavenger hunt ideas:

  • Search for Characters – Challenge the kids to find their favorite Disney characters amongst the gondolas, including fan-favorites such as Mickey, Minnie, Woody, and Elsa.
  • Identify Landmarks – As your family soars above Hourglass Lake, through the Caribbean Beach Resort and by the Riviera Resort, work as a team to identify architectural details, theming, and landmarks at each hotel.
  • Survey the Property – So much of Walt Disney World’s expansive property can be seen from aboard the Skyliner, even glimpses of the parks, including Spaceship Earth (the “Epcot Ball”), the Tower of Terror, Gestau’s, and the Eiffel Tower. Who has the best eagle eye amongst your group? See who can spot each icon, first!
4 cell phones with disney skyliner scavenger hunts

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The files are in .png format which is a photo format. Therefore, the images should be viewable in your mobile phone’s photo gallery.

To play the scavenger hunt game, open the image in your photo gallery. Then, click edit or markup to cross off each item as you find it.

use edit photos to strike through found items on the shopping list

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4 cell phones with disney skyliner scavenger hunts | text: scavenger hunts for disney's skyliner

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