Video Scavenger Hunt with a Nature Theme

View your next outdoor activity through a new lens – a video lens! Complete a video scavenger hunt with a nature theme. Great for kids, groups, and birthday parties.

Searching the web for video scavenger hunt ideas has inspired me to create a few of my own. We’ll start with a popular scavenger hunt theme – nature – and turn that into a video scavenger hunt.

Nature-Themed Video Scavenger Hunt by

Studying botany in your homeschool? Going on a hike with the family? Planning a birthday party at a local park? All of these activities are perfect for a nature scavenger hunt. If you’d like to amp it up a notch, add in a video component.

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When to Play a Nature-Themed Video Scavenger Hunt

What would be a great opportunity for a nature-themed video scavenger hunt? Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

  • at a Birthday Party with a nature theme or outdoor setting (woodland theme, birthday at a park, etc.)
  • as a homeschool or classroom activity related to botany, the environment, wildlife, etc.
  • in the backyard, as a boredom buster activity for kids during the long summer days
  • as a family while hiking or visiting national parks

While video scavenger hunts are great for groups, this activity can also be completed in pairs or individually.

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Video Scavenger Hunt with a Nature Theme

Here are over 15 tasks to complete on a nature-focused video scavenger hunt. We’ve included a few fun bonus activities, as well!

Take a video of:

  • an ant moving (bonus points if the ant is carrying something)
  • a perched bird (bonus points if the bird is making noise)
  • bees on a flower
  • a flowing creek
  • clouds moving
  • a spider moving in a web (bonus points if an insect is caught in the web)
  • fireflies lighting up in the evening
  • a worm moving in dirt
  • people jumping over a puddle
  • animal tracks being followed
  • a man-made object moving due to wind
  • the night sky
  • a rock skipping on the water (bonus point if 3 or more skips)
  • wildlife other than birds/insects (bonus points if the wildlife is making noise)
  • people cleaning up litter

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Nature-Themed Video Scavenger Hunt by

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