Easter Scavenger Hunt for Kids (Easter Basket Stuffer!)

The Easter Scavenger Hunt features 25 colorful icons that represent spring and Easter items. Great as an Easter basket stuffer or gift!

Looking for a creative Easter gift? This colorful Easter Scavenger Hunt looks bright and fun sitting in any Easter basket!

Easter Scavenger Hunt by ScavengerHuntIdea.com

How to Play an Easter Scavenger Hunt

So, how do you play an Easter Scavenger Hunt? Well, be creative! There are so many ways to play, that I’ll just share a few of my favorite scavenger hunt ideas:

  • Car Ride Scavenger Hunt – Load up in a car and drive around town to look at Easter decorations. Work together, or compete, to see who can mark off the most Easter items from the board.
  • Easter Party Game – At a festively decorated Easter party, challenge guests to search the house in order to find as many Easter items as they can (great for school Easter parties, too!).
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt – Great for adults, send them around town to capture photos of Easter decor with their smartphones. Allot extra points when a person is in the photo, too, or require entire groups be in the photo with each item listed on the scavenger hunt.
  • Easter Egg Hunt + Scavenger Hunt – Add an extra challenge to the annual Easter Egg Hunt with a coinciding scavenger hunt. Hide the scavenger hunt items inside eggs, and challenge participants to compete to find the most items on the card.
Easter Scavenger Hunt by ScavengerHuntIdea.com

Did you know? All of our Scavenger Hunt Games include the picture and the word so that any kid can play, even if they haven’t learned to read.

What items should be included in an Easter Scavenger Hunt?

Here are some items to find on an Easter Scavenger Hunt:

  • Easter eggs
  • chick
  • bunny
  • Easter basket
  • cross
  • flowers
  • lamb
  • spring wreath
  • church
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Scavenger Hunts for Easter

There are two ways to buy our Easter Scavenger Hunt game. It is available on Amazon and Etsy, in both digital and physical formats.

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Easter Scavenger Hunt by ScavengerHuntIdea.com

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